Timestamp convert to date and time

What is a time stamp?

In the modern day, the usage of the word timestamp has expanded and is usually used in reference to the digital time and date that are attached to certain information related to any sort of digital data. So, the timestamp is basically a sequence of encoded information or characters that help in identifying the time of the occurrence of a certain event. A timestamp usually includes the date and time, but sometimes the timestamps are accurate so as to give the information about the millisecond too.

Hence, the computer records the current time of the occurrence of each event and the accuracy of the current time is maintained through mechanisms like Network Time Protocol (NTP) which calibrates the current time to minute fractions of a second. This precision makes it viable for applications and computers with networks to work and communicate effectively.

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Timestamp convert to date and time

Convert timestamp to date and time

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1519488240 is Current Timestamp

Date and Time Formats
February 24, 2018, 5:04 pm


24, 2, 2018


it is the 24th day.

Sat Feb 24 17:04:00 CET 2018


2018-02-24 17:04:00

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1519488240 timestamp barcode
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Uses of Timestamps

They have numerous uses. Some are mentioned below:

The process in which actual data has timestamps recorded, is known as time-stamping.

What is UNIX time stamp?

Before we can start with what UNIX time is, it is essential to clarify what Unix Epoch is. Epoch is a term used in the field of chronology and is defined as an instant in time, which is chosen as the origin of a given particular era. So the UNIX epoch is January 1st 1970. Now the UNIX time stamp is a way in which time is tracked as a running total of seconds and this count has it's beginning from the UNIX epoch i.e. January, the first of 1970. So, the UNIX timestamp is the number of seconds between a date that we need to look up or mark and the UNIX epoch. This method of time stamping is very essential for computer systems to sort and date the information which is present in distributed and dynamic applications both online as well as on the client's side.

Timestamp formats

There are many timestamp formats that are commonly used. Log analysis by certain IT companies is capable of annotating a huge number of these timestamp formats. Time stamp annotations are also called date-time annotations and are constructed using two base formats-

The date-time annotations work in the following manner-

  1. The date patterns are identified by an annotator in a text and are then annotated with date annotations.

  2. The same process is repeated with time annotation by another annotator.

  3. Finally, specific patterns in date and time are identified by the timestamp annotator in which the occurrence of date and time annotation contiguously is found in text.

The various time stamp formats are-

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The year 2038 problem

We know that the UNIX epoch is January 1st 1970, which is the point from which the Unix time stamps are calculated. However, on January 19th 2038, the Unix time stamp will stop working. This will happen due to a 32 bit overflow. Hence, before this moment two things can happen-

Limitations of time stamps

Disadvantages and advantages of Time stamps in SQL servers-

There are much more that we can talk about. The basic idea is that timestamp can be really useful but there are situations when it would be best to consider date and time instead of timestamp.

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Timestamp convert to date and time
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